Image Processing using Matlab/Octave — Part 1

Photo by Timon Klauser on Unsplash

How image processing works ?

World around us → Captured by Camera → Computer processes it → Output is a processed image


What is an Image ?

Source: Wikipedia
GNU Octave on MacOS

Basic operations in Octave/Matlab

A is a 1x5 matrix
A is a 2x3 matrix
2x4 2-D matrix
2x3x2 3-D matrix
A and B have same dimensions (2x3)
A and B have same dimensions(2x3)
(2x4)*(4*2) = 2x2 matrix
X is a 2x3 matrix of ones
X is a 3x2 matrix of zeros
eye(3) creates a 3x3 identity matrix and diag(X) gets diagonal elements from X

Accessing elements in a matrix:

X(row, column)



Machine/Deep Learning, Amateur Photographer

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