A visit to Google Gurgaon Office

Adesh Gautam
3 min readJun 5, 2023
Google Gurgaon Office

The month is June 2018

Sharing this just for the fun I had back 5 years ago. I wrote this article a long time back but didn’t publish, finally doing it.

An email pops up.

“We are happy to confirm your attendance at the Google Gurgaon office”.

This made me so much excited and I was already daydreaming about the possible next set of events.

It was a “Tech Intern Connect” event where interns from 100+ different organizations and 50+ campuses were gathered to share knowledge and experience.

I was waiting for the day.

On June 29 2018 evening, I took the train and reached by the next morning. The event was going to start at 8:30AM but I was there 10 mins early 😛.

First, “Badging and Refreshment”.

There was a warm welcome in which the Google interns at the reception were distributing badges and greeting with big smiles.

Upon entering the room where the rest of the interns from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore were connected live on Hangouts, we received the Google schwag including badges, stickers etc.

Then there was an activity called “Ice Breaker” which was basically a Bingo game with more fun. We had to fill the names of the interns on the Bingo sheet. There was a rush for asking each other’s names and fill the names as fast as possible as the winner was getting extra schwag.

After that, there was a tech talk about “DNA of a product”. It gave intuitive explanations of what a good product is, what needs to be focused upon for a good product etc. An example was given of the recently launched beta “Neighbourly”, an app for crowdsourcing local questions.

After that there was an interesting panel discussion with 5 Googlers who are a part of Google ranging from 1 month to 10–15 years. They shared their experiences, talked about their past and answered a lot of questions asked by us.

Then there was a networking lunch. The time where all the student interns, Google interns, Google engineers and members of TOPs interacted with each other. We shared each other’s experiences, talked about college life, future goals and exchanged contacts. This was really fun.

We ate lunch sitting in groups and then the most exciting part was there. The “Google Theatre Club”. Some Googlers and interns paired up and performed Improv comedy — a form of live theatre. We gave them many different situations and characters which won’t even match up and they performed on them. We didn’t stop laughing at their acts.

At last, it was time for the closing of the event and we were again given chance to ask questions or doubts. The head of TOPs told how to remain engaged with Google, be aware of future Google opportunities and utilize the tons of resources provided by Google.

The event was over at 3:30 PM.

It was one of the best days of my life. I got to meet so many interesting people and hope will be connected further.

And, that was it. A fun, interesting, educational visit to Google Gurgaon Office.

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