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What is CLIP ?

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Training a model on laptop using python is a no brainer. Gather data and boom ! Using Pytorch or Tensorflow you can train it pretty easily. But what about putting your model on an Android device.

You have to understand the limitations of putting you model on phone. First you don’t have numpy…

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Setup EC2 instance

Launch a new Instance on AWS EC2 using the following configs:

  1. OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  2. Any instance type, we’ll choose t2.medium
  3. Add Storage 20GB, it’ll be sufficient for now
  4. In Security group, add rule with…

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I know, these two aren’t popular to be used along with each other. But, let’s try…


Okay so first, let’s talk about the features these technologies provide.


  1. Binaries — The binaries are generated with all the dependencies built-in. Thus, you need not to install the runtimes to run the application.
  2. Static…

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What is Color Model ?

Color model is a mathematical way to represent colors as combination of three or four numbers in a tuple.

Let’s see some of the color models.

RGB (Red Green Blue)

The F1-race classic

I started it out as a project as an experiment and built some groundwork which you can further improve by contributing.

Link to the Github repo

The F1-race game

So, lets first talk about the game.

This was the thing that was going in my head when I was learning Django and Angular 4. I wanted both of them in the same application so that I would be having the power of python and goodness of Angular and without learning node.js separately to make a full-fledged Web App. …


SARSA is an on-policy algorithm where, in the current state, S an action, A is taken and the agent gets a reward, R and ends up in next state, S1 and takes action, A1 in S1. Therefore, the tuple (S, A, R, S1, A1) stands for the acronym SARSA.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code — Linus Torvalds

OpenAI gym

As stated on the official website of OpenAI gym:

Gym is a toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.

We’ll use this toolkit to solve the FrozenLake environment. There are a wide variety of games available like the Atari 2600 ones, text based games etc. Check out all of them here.


Install gym using the steps provided here. First install the gym library then, the OS specific packages.

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This is a how-to for using NTFS formatted external HDD on MacOS using free tools available.

MacOS doesn’t provide write permissions on NTFS format as default. So to mount external drives as Read/Write follow the given steps below:

Step 1

Download FUSE for macOS from here

Step 2

Then we have to install xcode command line tools. For this open terminal and copy paste this.

xcode-select --install

Then click install when the dialogue appears. Click Agree when the License Agreement appears. Once that’s done proceed to step 3.

Step 3

Now we have to install Homebrew which is a package manager for macOS. …

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